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Hi, This Is AnamikaSanware (Anamika more ) I got my life partner form here only I got my life this site. Firstly very very thanks to khushi marriage buero who gave me such a nice person. Now my Story how we met him? It just a interesting meeting of us. Start form Ankur More, He gor my contact number khushi marriage buero then he dropped a message at 11fed 14 that time I said to him I will First check ur profile then we will continue. Then checked his profile I liked his profile but that time I was busy in my work so forgot to reply him. Fir sham koankurkamsgaaya and he sent me one audio song of his voice and when I listened that audio I was completely impressed then meineunse chat karna start kiya or first reply meriek demand thi that sing a song of AASHIQUI 2 (tum hi ho), I said to him I want to listen him song in ur voice… he agreed late night 12:00 Am he recorded that song in his voice and sent to me… then he asked me to continues in voice call but I refused him and said continue on chatting. Humme first time voice call kiya that the love of day per that is valentine’s day per it’s a destiny that listen each other’s voice on such a lovely day … god of love blessed us and give us lots of happiness. Afterthat our parents involved dono family ne baatkaripasandkiya but after that some complicatons arises form my family and then all decision is upto me. And at last I have decided that should go with ANKUR MORE I should make new life with him. ThenMy family respects my decision they all are agree and happy .then both family have decided about engagement then we marriage 2 july. One more very interesting thing id that according to numerology ANKUR is 3number his birth is 21 Aug mine number and see our desting our engagement was on 3red july and our wedding date was and happy . then both family have decided about engagement then we marriage 2 july. One more very interesting thing id that according to numerology ANKUR is 3number his birth is 21 Aug mine number and see our desting our engagement was on 3red july and our wedding date was 30 nov which is also 3number we are actually made for each other and the medium khushimaaragebuero who make us single soul so we thank to you for such a nice match I am very happy ke more and husdand ANKUR MORE apko mean khushi marriage buerokodil se thank karnachahtehain for match makingand may god showering happiness to erveryone keep smiling thank you once again

My parents were searching a guy for me since 5 years but couldn't get suitable match. They searched everywhere in UP/Delhi/NCR. Then they registered in Khushi marriage buero and started searching my match we reviewed near about 500 profiles but no result. Then one day I found Saurabh's (my husband) profile there. We sent interest to him but no response in the meanwhile I took membership on khushi marriage buero it was really very fruitful for me because many times people does't respond after sending only the interest. Then we contacted him and took no. of his parents. My parents communicated for many times. They also took so much time to finalize because Saurabh is very handsome and I am little bit healthy so they were also confuse that the pair is suitable or not. My parents met with Saurabh and they decided to marry me with him. Now the final meeting was there in his hometown Budaun, U.P. That day there was election and raining heavily (17th April, 2014) anyhow we reached there and with the grace of God we met and he liked me and at that time only they agreed for marriage and gave me Shagun also. Saurabh was so happy. We engaged on 11th May, 2014. But the date decided for marriage was 6th November, 2014 which was very far and in the meanwhile so many misunderstanding created between us. But finally we got married on the same day 6th November, 2014 and now I am so happy to get the best husband. He is very sincere, soft heart and very much loving and caring for me. Now may God bless us with so much happiness and togetherness for the whole year. I am very much thankful to Khushi marriage buero to provide the best match in the world. My marriage pictures are attached herewith. Regards, Gunjan

"I believe that there is somebody special for everyone in this world, it only takes the right time and the right moment" These were the lines that Kavisha had in her bio in Khushi marriage buero. And today when I look back at everything, every single word strikes a chord in my heart. Still remember the day I received a proposal from her and there I was..traveling to Bengaluru to meet the love of my life in the next few days. All it took was a couple of hours in a coffee shop to fall in love and begin a beautiful journey of our life. The moment I saw her...her cute smile and the little black eyes made me go weak on my knees and the rest is just a beautiful history. It's right that marriages are made in heaven but then again it takes the effort of some angels to make the match possible. And definitely Khushi marriage buero is the angel that made it all possible in our beautiful journey called life. Thanks for everything and keep up the good work that you guys are doing.

Ours is an arranged marriage but I would not agree because I fell in love with her with every day passing. Since the day(i.e. 4th March 2015) Raman accepted my interest on Khushi marriage buero my life changed. I never thought some one sitting so far in Canada would make me feel loved the way I felt. Initial Chats and conversation made us understand each other well and we started talking for hours on phone and skype. Finally, we talked to our parents and they took the conversation ahead through phone calls. To take it further Ramanpreet's Mother asked us to meet her uncle living in Patiala, India as she was with Ramanpreet in Canada at that time. We went to patiala to meet her uncle Karnail Singh Arora (Mother's Brother) on 8th of April, 2015 and had a healthy conversation and got an approval for the alliance. We were very happy and we fixed the dates in the mean while. Every thing went good and the eagerness to meet her in person went to an extreme level. Finally she told me that she had applied for the leaves and will be coming on 11 of October 2015. I cant explain how much happy I was. On 21st September her mother came back to India and we had a formal meeting and we had Roka in Gurudwarasaheb. I loved the feeling her mother was so warming and uncle from patiala was also there along with my parents and sister. Finally the day came when she landed on Indira Gandhi International Airport and I went to pick her up alone with some flowers. I saw her coming out and my heart started pounding. I was nervous as I saw her first time. She looked beautiful I loved the way she hugged me. We went for our first date to Wok In clouds in Rajouri garden, New Delhi. We had a Pre Wedding shoot on 13th of October at Humayun's Tomb, New Delhi. It was the day when i first time felt so much of love. Meeting in person was a different feeling and I loved it. We started shopping for the rest of the time left and had an engagement ceremony on 24th of October 2015 followed by the wedding on 25th of October 2015. Since the day my life changed completely and I am a lot more happier and satisfied then I was ever in my life. Thanks to Khushi marriage buero for such an alliance. Gob Bless you and your team.